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"I'm looking for a 2 ft. wide slab."

A. This is the most commonly requested size of slab I  receive by clients. So there are a few questions to determine if you need a 2' wide slab, or not quite. I will ask you to think about these questions before we can determine a size that will work for your project.

  1. Have you taken actual measurements, or are you casually saying 2' wide?

  2. Are you flexible with the width? (Can it be narrower?)

  3. Is there an existing base or cabinet that the wood slab needs to cover? If so, do either of the sides of the natural edge need to be cut straight?  *what are the dimensions of the base or cabinet?
  4. Are the dimensions exactly what you measured, or have you added extra? (Please do not add extra as this will limit your choices.)
  5. We do have 2' wide slabs in stock. Some will be 2' wide at the widest and some will be 2' at the narrowest. Some measure 2' wide on one side due to the taper of the natural edge. It will be best to view the inventory in person.







Q. How are live edge wood slabs sold?

A:  Each one is sold in raw condition as seen in the picture. We also provide finishing services to transform the live edge wood slab into a unique live edge table top.

Q. How much do wood slabs cost?

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes, we can deliver for a fee, based on location.

A. Most unfinished Live Edge Wood Slabs sell  at an average price of $20 per board foot, which is considered to be wholesale price by market standards. We sell our smaller slabs for $8-$14 per board foot. Slabs measuring wider than 12" or longer than 60" are priced individually. (This does not necessarily mean they are priced higher than $14/board ft.)

Q:  Do you have table legs to pair with the live edge wood slabs?

A:  We can create table legs made of wood, or we can order metal legs of your liking, for you.

Q:  Is there a fee to have the wood slab cut and glued to make a wider table, but not finished?

A:  Yes, this would be priced per request.

Q:  How thick are the live edge wood slabs?

A: Our slab thickness ranges from 2 in. – 2.75 in.

Q:  What kinds of wood species do you have in stock?

A:  Currently, we mostly carry Mesquite, and Black Walnut. We also have some Oak and Maple.. 


Q:  If I pick a Live Edge Wood Slab and want it cut smaller, how does that affect the price?


Q:  What do you finish the live edge slabs with?


Q:  Why can’t we start the finishing process on the air-drying slabs now?

A:  When wood is cut, it’s green and filled with moisture. For the finishing process to begin, the wood’s moisture level must go from 100% to at least 8 %.  At this point the wood is more stable and ready to be made into a live edge wood table top.

Q: What is the difference between a wood slab being Air dried & Kiln dried?

A:  In the air drying process, the log is sliced in to slabs, which are then sticker stacked and left in a dry breezy location. This process can take up to 1-2 years for the wood to be dried. Even when a slab has been air dried for this length of time, it still may need to be put in the kiln to reach the proper moisture percentage.

Kiln drying is a process of taking the slab into a sealed box, then heating the air.  This causes the moisture to be released from the wood into the air and then removed. This process can take 1-4 months for the slab to be dried properly, depending on how much moisture is left in the wood.

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